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Wolf and Coppola wedding at Eureka First Baptist Church.

If you wish any special "processing" (re-processing images for color shifts, removal of unwanted "reflection" from eyeglasses, facial blemish removal, etc) feel free to contact us.

Also, contact us for any "special" product requests or needs, even if they are not currently listed online.

Try the "Best Fit" print option (seen when ordering prints one at a time) to find the print with the best proportions to match the image of your choice. Standard print sizes (5x7 & 8x10 for example) are found under "Small Prints".

One item that is frequently missed is that in the checkout, you will see (in red lettering) a "confirmation needed" note under the image you are ordering. Unfortunately, modern camera manufacturers have not talked to "classical" photo printers, and the DSLR images are never in the classic 5x7 or 8x10 "proportions"...they are more like 8x12 or 4x6 or 6x8. You will need to click the confirmation link (in red) so it will show you "how" the image may be cropped (depending on the print size you have selected). You do have the option of specifying "how" the cropping should be done (if at all!), and you can even move the crop window "around" if you wish to "cut out" that distracting back of someone's head, or that relative you "just can not stand" (ha-ha)!

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