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PER TAMEKA's REQUEST- additional images from the reception (just over 100) were upload Monday evening.

The pictures for the Tameka reception are now available for order. I have placed them CHRONOLOGICALLY once they are all loaded, so the album will then start with the earliest part of the reception.

If you have any questions about the ordering process (or need me to manually order the prints for you), please feel free to call or email.

If you need a "special" photo product that you do not locate online, or just need help in ordering, please contact me. I would start ordering images using the "Best Fit" option, although YOU are in control of cropping, print size selection, etc etc. A couple of the "stitched" group shots (since they are extra wide), will fit best in the 10x20 or similar "wide" format print. .

FEEL FREE to add comments (GUESTBOOK at the bottom of the page) and provide ANY feedback that you think will help us meet you needs.

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